Kinetoplastid Metabolism



Figure 1. overview of the sugar nucleotide biosynthesis pathways in three trypanosomatid parasites. The sugar nucleotides used for glycoconjugate biosynthesis are in bold. Sugar nucleotide biosynthetic intermediates are in parentheses. Salvage pathways are in italics. The numbers refer to the enzymes and known or candidate genes described in Table 4 from Turnock and Ferguson, 2007 and also mentioned in the Table below.  The colors of the arrows and underlining indicate the presence of the corresponding enzyme and sugar nucleotide, respectively, in T. brucei (orange), T. cruzi (green), and L. major (red). Figure taken from Turnock and Ferguson, 2007.

Table 1. Identification of the genes involved in sugar nucleotide formation for all of the Kinetoplastea. Green fields, gene identified; red fields, gene absent. Yellow fields, pseudogene. Click on the table for more details.






Glucuronic acid